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Secure Document Transfer

The AgenneBridge™ Secure Document Transfer Suite is a secure, inexpensive HIPAA-Compliant method of transmitting documents. AgenneBridge™ provides high-volume document transfer capability using little more than an internet connection, avoiding the technical and budgetary issues associated with fax lines, as well as the compliance problems associated with transferring confidential data via unsecured email or consumer box file sharing solutions.

Powerful, simple, secure document transfer

Eliminate faxing Eliminate Faxing and Fax Technology
Completely eliminate faxing and old-fashioned fax technology using the AgenneBridge™ secure document transfer suite. No more lost faxes, jammed fax machines, busy signals or other common fax-related issues. And no more "per-page" charges from fax services. AgenneBridge secure document transfer reduces ongoing expenses by cutting out the need to pay by the page.
HIPAA Compliant Security End-to-End Security and Auditing
AgenneBridge™ is fully secure and HIPAA-compliant making it ideal for use between pharmacies and long-term, multi-patient care facilities, as well as legal networks, human resources, and other industries where secure file transfer is required. Complete document management, archiving, and transfer chain-of-custody auditing means that documents are never lost. Keep your confidential corporate documents safe from prying eyes and intrusion.
No Loss of Quality
When a document is sent to the hub location, there is no degradation or loss of quality such as you would find in a fax solution. Printed documents are converted into high-quality TIFF G4 images to assure that barcodes are scannable and all text and images are crisp and legible.
Easy to Use Simple to Use
Our design philosophy is that secure document transfer between organizations should be no more complicated or error-prone than printing a document to paper. As such, AgenneBridge™ clients use a unique printer option which allows users to "print" a document to the receiving station from virtually any application on their workstation.
Send Files of any Size or Format
Any type or size of file can be sent securely from one location to another using AgenneBridge Secure Document Transfer software. Even very large documents can be transferred with ease with just a few clicks. Whatever your document transfer need or budget, AgenneBridge is the solution. Give us a call today!
Built for Speed
Born and bred for speed, AgenneBridge™ is fast. Documents move at the speed of the internet, freeing up personnel from setting up and feeding a fax machine or waiting at the other end for documents to arrive and print from the fax.
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